The Perception Gap - Stop being a marketeer, start being your own customer.

I am going to suggest that you need to start thinking like a customer, outside-in, not inside out. It is not about control of the conversation, it is about mutually beneficial value. A fair exchange. Social media is part of something we call the customer engagement continuum, aka consistency of interactions and touch points independent of the channel used.

A BCG study found that 80% of businesses believe they give an outstanding customer experience. 8% of customers believe the same.

We're seeing that same disconnect in the social media space. (Thank you Mitch Lieberman).

Despite of the closer engagement between brands and customers through social media, a perceived humanized connection between business and consumer, there is still a high disconnected with reality. Instead of projecting your own desires as a brand marketer, look at the data. Think outside in, not inside out. Be a customer. Experience what they go through.

Does this data shock you? If not, what are you doing differently?