Engage your customer. Give them a great experience. AND help them reach their goal.

The digital consumer has multiple communication channels and it's great that companies, or more specifically the marketing departments of companies are catching on. But this should not detract from basic principals of consumer engagement.

Dragon Catcher is cool. It's on your mobile devise. It's exclusive to the attendees of the event (social needs). It closes the gap between reality and internet, an augmented form of reality. It has game mechanics. It has a fun creative idea behind it. It's a cool package.

An entertaining shiny new toy is a great short term tactic to get attention. Customers experience a deeper use of their digital channels and focus shifts from one campaign to the next. But was it truly useful? Did it have high brand utility? Did it create or add to the customer relationship to the brand?

This campaign did not engrain the Qualcomm brand into the values of the consumer. It did not add a benefit and did not help the consumer reach a goal. It could have done that better. The game should have helped people connect to eachother. The game should have helped the user explore the Qualcomm brand to realize the effect on their business.

Help your customer fulfill their goals. How does your marketing move your brand forward? How do you campaigns fulfill their needs?