The future of social media: interview with Augie Ray (by Stefano Maggi)

Watch this great interview by Stefano Maggi over at Digital Ingredients with Augie Ray from Forrester Research. Two of the points that really drove it home.

Where in the past customer service response was based on RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Ray states that now companies are looking at a completely different ball game which includes influence and the number of connections your customer has. Brands need to veer away from trying to put a monetary value on a social media connection. Look at the more subtle value a connections influence.

One of the Forrester methodologies is POST. People, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics. What is key about this methodology is the People first, Strategies second mindset. Gone are the days in which companies have the liberty of setting out a strategy and using tactics to get their customers act the way they want them to. Now a customer asks, and a company gives.

What is most revealing about this it further strengthens the shift from companies in power to consumer in power. It's now up to companies to modify their operations, place the pyramid upside down and analyze their customer touch points.

Is your company ready for that shift?