A map to classify your customers experiences

  • Is an experience defined solely by how easily one accomplishes a task (as with Google or Craig’s List)? Is all else just nonsense?
  • What about the “entertainment experience” that Pine and Gilmore describe, when they say we’ve moved beyond a services economy into a new experience economy?
  • Packaging—is it or isn’t it part of the experience Is it even possible to separate the ‘packaging’ from the product when evaluating a person’s satisfaction with a given thing.
  • And what of our backgrounds and perceptions. We can have a great product that suffers due to personal issues, such as buyer’s remorse. Or conversely, a merely ‘good’ product where people tolerate faults because of cognitive “confirmation bias”. Or even great products that are generally ill-received due to unfavorable branding.

Intent on resolving these various perspectives, I began exploring how it is that these different elements work together to complement each other. The resulting framework structures all the elements that contribute to a good (or bad!) experience, and provides a context for the various activities (both internal and external to an organization) that play a role in defining a person’s perception of a product or service.

Check it out! Let me know what you think:

Sorting, Classifying, and Labeling Experiences poster (pdf, 3 megs)

One caveat: This IS a poster. A very large poster. So while it is viewable on a monitor, it won’t exactly print very well.

UPDATE: As promised, here is the much smaller, printable version of the ‘Classifying Experiences’ model:

Sorting, Classifying, and Labeling Experiences letter sized (pdf, 450k)

Unlike the poster, this version builds narratively offering a more detailed explanation of the model.

Just dug up this old post on: "sorting, Classifying, and Labeling Experiences." It's not the holy grail, and a bit outdated. But for companies looking to take an experience creation viewpoint, it is a great road map.

(make sure to download the PDF files)