How to get your energy back

Agency work is about people, ideas, thoughts, strategies. And you can't do this when you are a whiney little gangster; tired, and grumpy.

I'm sensitive to people's moods. If I'm in a crowd of umotivated beings I find it very difficult to break out. If I'm having a draining conversation with someone, it affects me. These are my energiser methods.

Note: This does not reflect my workplace, it reflects me. 

Morning Routine

I tell everyone to get a morning routine. Make sure it includes; two big glasses of water, 20 squats, forcing a smile while you shower, and the usual hygiene stuff. It works miracles. If you are strong enough to  follow your morning routing you set yourself up to tackle the day head on. 

A morning winner is always a winner! 

Body posture

Stand up straight. And before you go into a meeting, difficult conversation, negotiations, raise your arms into a big V sign above your head. Holding the victory position lowers your cortisol (stress hormones) levels and increase your testosterone levels (closely linked to assertiveness


You have to watch this video. What an inspiring and useful video.  Our pitch team now always raises their arms in victory right before the meeting starts.

Conversion Energy

You'll notice that most of your colleagues start the day on a low note. Low energy, perhaps even a bit grumpy. Start your day by passing bursts of your energy to them. See it as your mission to take those first 3 minutes of conversation with them and raise their energy level.  

Don't start talking softly and meekly on their grumpy level. NO! Supercharge them! I takes a bit of your energy, but you'll get it back from them throughout the rest of the day.

Now go energise!