Share your weaknesses and challenges

I've been thinking a lot about my own weaknesses and the challenges I face lately. Subconsciously I have known them for a while, I just haven't been able to tackle them so this is my game plan, I have listed my top weaknesses and challenges. With each of those I have tacked a strength/skill and a goal to help me get through those when I feel I'm in a jam.

1. I find it hard to delegate.

Goal: grow a successful company.
Skill: big picture thinking, framework creation.
Action: start my day with a "to delegate"list that fits into the big picture.

2. The constant change of business processes.

Goal: grow a successful company
Skill: goal oriented thinking and work
Action: ignore non vital processes and delegate to colleagues.

3. Currently feeling out of control.

Goal: get a feeling of control back.
Skill: self reflection.
Goal: make it alright for a few things to be out of my control. Realize that there are things that are just outside of my realm of influence.

4. No one to talk to

Goal: get a non invested third party perspective
Skill: structured thinking
Goal: be more proactive with my mentors.

I have a few peers that lead offices who find it hard to talk about their weaknesses or failures. One thing that bothers me most are those peers who think they know it all and start prescribing you what you should be doing. It's a personal pet peeve (and clear character flaw of mine that it bothers me so much) but it's also unhealthy for you in the long run.

Share your shortcomings....don't make me feel all alone in this now! :)

(Written on the iPad and the only image that fit this post was of one of my weaknesses, chocolate)