Share your weaknesses and challenges

I've been thinking a lot about my own weaknesses and the challenges I face lately. Subconsciously I have known them for a while, I just haven't been able to tackle them so this is my game plan, I have listed my top weaknesses and challenges. With each of those I have tacked a strength/skill and a goal to help me get through those when I feel I'm in a jam.

1. I find it hard to delegate.

Goal: grow a successful company.
Skill: big picture thinking, framework creation.
Action: start my day with a "to delegate"list that fits into the big picture.

2. The constant change of business processes.

Goal: grow a successful company
Skill: goal oriented thinking and work
Action: ignore non vital processes and delegate to colleagues.

3. Currently feeling out of control.

Goal: get a feeling of control back.
Skill: self reflection.
Goal: make it alright for a few things to be out of my control. Realize that there are things that are just outside of my realm of influence.

4. No one to talk to

Goal: get a non invested third party perspective
Skill: structured thinking
Goal: be more proactive with my mentors.

I have a few peers that lead offices who find it hard to talk about their weaknesses or failures. One thing that bothers me most are those peers who think they know it all and start prescribing you what you should be doing. It's a personal pet peeve (and clear character flaw of mine that it bothers me so much) but it's also unhealthy for you in the long run.

Share your shortcomings....don't make me feel all alone in this now! :)

(Written on the iPad and the only image that fit this post was of one of my weaknesses, chocolate)


How to get your energy back

Agency work is about people, ideas, thoughts, strategies. And you can't do this when you are a whiney little gangster; tired, and grumpy.

I'm sensitive to people's moods. If I'm in a crowd of umotivated beings I find it very difficult to break out. If I'm having a draining conversation with someone, it affects me. These are my energiser methods.

Note: This does not reflect my workplace, it reflects me. 

Morning Routine

I tell everyone to get a morning routine. Make sure it includes; two big glasses of water, 20 squats, forcing a smile while you shower, and the usual hygiene stuff. It works miracles. If you are strong enough to  follow your morning routing you set yourself up to tackle the day head on. 

A morning winner is always a winner! 

Body posture

Stand up straight. And before you go into a meeting, difficult conversation, negotiations, raise your arms into a big V sign above your head. Holding the victory position lowers your cortisol (stress hormones) levels and increase your testosterone levels (closely linked to assertiveness


You have to watch this video. What an inspiring and useful video.  Our pitch team now always raises their arms in victory right before the meeting starts.

Conversion Energy

You'll notice that most of your colleagues start the day on a low note. Low energy, perhaps even a bit grumpy. Start your day by passing bursts of your energy to them. See it as your mission to take those first 3 minutes of conversation with them and raise their energy level.  

Don't start talking softly and meekly on their grumpy level. NO! Supercharge them! I takes a bit of your energy, but you'll get it back from them throughout the rest of the day.

Now go energise!

How Hype Cycles

If you haven't seen Gartner's Hype Cycles, (by Gartner)I suggest you do. It's especially handy if you find yourself being a typically excited about new technologies and start ups. (I'm one of them.) It will serve to temper your expectations and provide some perspective.

If you're in a startup, where does your business fit in? Knowing how other companies have gone through this cycle can give you some ideas in how to market your brand. Tell me what you think in the comments.


Dropbox and Mailbox get married. Congrats!


What is the first thing I see this morning. Dropbox bought Mailbox. I'm a big fan of both services. With Apple fanboy-esque pride I say I was one of the first in the Mailbox waiting list (and users) and I've been a Pro user of Dropbox for over a year now. I didn't see this marriage coming but this is why I think dropbox made a great move.

Dropbox and Mailbox have similar visions.

From a product standpoint, Dropbox has been focussing on design and usability from the start., and so has Mailbox. This is from their blogpost:

Dropbox doesn’t replace your folders or your hard drive: it makes them better. The same is true with Mailbox. It doesn’t replace your email: it makes it better. Whether it’s your Dropbox or your Mailbox, we want to find ways to simplify your life.
We’re all looking forward to making Mailbox even better and getting it into as many people’s hands as possible. There’s so much to do and we’re excited to get started!

And it's true. In similar ways the services use an easy user experience to integrate themselves into their users life. Mailbox is even more audacious and is prescribing users with a new way of interacting with their mail. A way that feels so much more natural. 

Great timing on the acquisition

As of today Mailbox still has over 500,000 users in waiting line. Those are 500,000 users PRE Dropbox Mailbox integration. 500,000 potential fresh introductions to Dropbox. (sure there will be some overlap.)

And in the big scheme of things. With dropbox being valued at 4 Billion, what's 30-50 Million to them anyway? <3% equity, and Mailbox will definitely have more impact than their purchasing price. (Thanks for pointing that out Mark!)

Time will tell.

I'm excited to see 2 companies that are actively pushing user interaction design forward come together. They have both kept the customer experience at the centre of their business model trying to disrupt two stale and monolithic markets.

Congrats, now show us the good stuff!

Just Ahead: Cars That Tweet

"It isn't possible to stop it," said Michael Sprague, marketing director at Kia Motors Corp.'s North American division. "Consumers are going to continue to drive with phones and all we can do as a manufacturer is to provide what the consumers are asking for and make it as safe as possible."

"It is absolutely a selling point," Mr. Reyes said. "People are already distracted by their phones in their car, but we can make it safer for them to do what they are already doing."

Car manufacturers are catching up quickly integrating technology into their products. I like it. I also like that industry is pushing government standards to make sure people get what they want in a safe way.

Do you let government restrict you, or do you find ways to push the boundaries?