The importance of being number 1 - Google Chrome Instant Pages

When you search with Google over 60% of people click on one of the top three results. Over 35% clicks on the top result.

Being number one was pretty awesome. It gets better.

Google Chrome is slowly releasing a feature, Google Chrome Instant Pages, that will automatically load the top search result. This means that if you search for a term -> Get the top results -> Click on the first result. Your page will open immediately (check out the video.)

So how does this affect your business?

Arriving on a webpage immediately is an incredible boost to the customer experience. So even though it is Google that is making this happen, the magic will rub off on your website as well... as long as your number one. This is another motivation to be number one on that almighty search list. So if you're going for it. Make sure you go all the way.

Do you SEO experts think this (the number one spot at instant pages) is something worth fighting for?