Why you should start your meetings with good news

And no, I do not mean; "Do you want to hear bad news or good news first?" I mean in your daily/weekly/monthly update meetings. In the calls you have with your colleagues to recap what has been done and what you are going to tackle next week. 

It is something I learned in my first job straight out of university. We used to do daily meetings that followed the Rockefeller Habits rhythms. (If you don't know about the book, you need to read it.) Why should you start of the meeting with good news?

1.) It's an easy default and creates structure in your update. Start with good news, what have you achieved, what do you want to achieve, and what are your bottlenecks.

2.) It reminds the organization that no matter how tough everything seems and how much adversity you have to overcome, there is always something good happening

3.) It starts your meeting with positive energy that is shared with everyone. It creates a buzz of can do attitude that everyone in your organization can feed off of.