Sweden's twitter account talks Marijuana, Labia and more. It's awesome.

People have character. They have flaws, they make mistakes, they're funny, they're sad. And that's why we are drawn to eachother, the personal narrative we all have attracts us to eachother. Brands often try to hide their charater, instead portraying their own version of perfect. The image that they think will bring customers but instead makes for a bland mush of brand greyness. It's gross.

Sweden is putting it's labia (apparantly a Swedish expression, proof here) on the table and baring all. It gives a select group of Swedes control over it's twitter account, with all the mistakes that come with it. Talk about a daring digital media play.

After a few gaff's which included misspelling Finnish and speak of some very private activities it's becoming clear that Sweden is going all in with this one. They're putting themselves out there and that's great. I wish more countries and brands would do that.

Nice one Sweden and agency Volontaire.