How you need to stop lying to your customers - selective crowd-sourcing the customer experience


Your brand lies to consumers. It’s a fact. You show them people they want to be and situations they want to be in. It works, perception makes reality and reality makes perception. But what if the distance between the two is too large? Consumers get uncomfortable, upset, and feel cheated. It's a horrible customer experience. So how do you avoid that?

Ask the right customers for help.

Take your customer base and put them to use. Build a story together with them that perpetuates your brand. One of the great examples is Burberry’s “Art of the Trench”. It’s a great place where Burberry curates pictures of customers wearing Burberry – pictures that Burberry believes to signify the character of the brand.

Build a brand with your customer, practice selective crowd-sourcing. Make them part of building the customer experience. Don't go Justin Bieber on this and have the crowd send you to North Korea.