How to realize the imagined and imagine the realized

My favorite is the "Light Tricks" used in the movie "Wait until dark":

"in the movie, there's a part where Audrey's character breaks all of the light bulbs in her apartment and shuts all of her window blinds so she is hidden in complete darkness. As she goes around the place breaking bulbs, theater employees dimmed the lights one by one and eventually turned them all off completely, plunging the theater into total darkness."

By now we have all heard of the 3D movies and perhaps even seen one. Mike Dixon at Service Experience Excellence discusses a small example of how a movie was augmented by synchronizing the turning off of the lights to the scene in the movie. Dixon states how this made watching the movie a better experience, and in fact it did. This one example applies to any experience creation, any point where you interact with you customer.

1. The alignment of a small part of the real to the artificial or the artificial to the real results in a stronger perception of experience. A small alignment provides the thread that links reality to imagined. By having this thread you effectively bring reality and the imagined closer, enhancing the stimulation of senses and the emotions involved.

2. Augmenting reality, or augmenting the imagined does not have to take much effort. If you look at this example it only has to be a small link, a small effort on behalf of the experience creator.

Does your company bring reality and the artificial closer? How does it do that? Can you think of small, cost effective ways to enhance your customers experience in this mind set?