How to game your (potential) customers into buying your brand

Game playing fundamentally alters your relationship with your customers and effectively cuts through all the problems experienced by marketing programs at the same time allowing customers to have their say.

Shelley makes a couple of good points in her post.
  • Instead of looking at advertising inside a game, think of creating a game as advertising. Create a game as a component of a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Create a narrative through your game. Bring the audience from an engaging start, to a climax middle and an informative closing.

Why does this work? People respond to an engaging story line. A story naturally takes people away from their reality into an alternate reality. By using the story format in a game with a clear goal you effectively engage them in the story line, make them part of the narrative, giving them the chance to "determine" the outcome. 

So marketeers what to do?

  1. Create a marketing story line with a clear consumer end goal.
  2. Engage the audience through an interactive game to lead them through the story.
  3. Sprinkle your brand message throughout the experience.
  4. Close of with a clear direction to you and your product/service.

Have you ever used used a game in your marketing efforts? Tell me about them.