Heineken's Amazing Soccer Swindle [VIDEO]

Watch the video before reading on.

So what makes this campaign/event/ad/pr so amazing?

1. It involves people

Heineken was smart to target their tribe. Their core market watches AC Milan - Real Madrid and people who watch AC Milan - Real Madrid could be Heineken drinkers. It is these people that will take this story and spread it like folklore amongst their own social circles. 1,100 soccer fans got swindled, 1.5 million people saw their reactions on live TV, 5 million people visited the website, but many more were touched by this.

The campaign also put people at the center. The people involved and "tricked" are vital to its success. Heineken was able to blend broadcast and guerrilla marketing.

2. It has a clear story line

The campaign has a clear story line. Let's take it from the perspective of one of the people watching the so called concert.

  • I HAVE to go to this concert I really do not want to go to. I feel disappointed and perhaps a bit angry.
  • I am sitting at this concert and it is boring, I wish I was somewhere else, and I am even a bit angry at the person who made me come here.
  • What is this? They are going to show the match on the screen? It was all a set up by Heineken!? I feel relieved, I feel happy, I feel a bit tricked but in the most positive sense of the word, I feel like this is some story to tell my friends.

This was an easy emotional roller coaster for the viewers at home to follow as well. And knowing that the people watching the concert would be nicely surprised it made for an entertained and emotionally involved viewer.

3. It affects emotions

Remember the time as a child when your favorite toy was taken away from you, and only given back to you once you did something not so fun (like cleaning your room)?

The Heineken campaign creates that feeling in the 1,100 soccer fans. Bringing them back to an emotion they are very familiar with.

Implement it yourself

Inject these things into your interactions with your customers.

  • Involve customers in the process 
  • Have a story (but keep it simple) 
  • Be emotional

How do you keep your customers engaged?

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