Work with your client, not for them

I'm often asked why we don't launch a start up instead of working with clients. We have the in house skills to do so. We:

  • Understand the market
  • Have a proven record of finding market fit
  • Are able to build deeply technical products

Have the in house anayltics to pivot, pivot, pivot until get hockystick growth (yes, I did use those words, troll away)

And I tell them that we do. We launch a start up with every one of our clients.

New clients come to Antics asking us to solve a communications problem; "I'm not reaching this target market." or "I need to increase rural market penetration for this specific product line." And when we look at these challenges with our agile, creative, tech, entrepreneurial eyes, we giggle with glee. Really, we do.


We build digital business models that solve their problems, and more. Some potential clients are scared off. But most of them get it, they're on our side, and that's when we start working WITH our client instead of FOR our clients.

That is why we launch a start up with every project. That is why I get messages from my colleagues on Sunday evening after inspiration has hit them. That's what keeps us coming back every morning, knowing that we are contributing to something bigger. 

What keeps you giggling with glee?